Hungry snakes take to Forster’s beaches

A brown snake seen on the beach at Forster. Photo: Edweena Singh The brown snake seen in the water at Forster. Photo: Edweena Singh

The brown snake in the water at Forster. Photo: Edweena Singh

Snake swims between the flags

Brown snakes just seem to love the beach at Forster on the NSW Mid North Coast.

Last month, Great Lakes Advocate reader Olivia Moffatt took a picture of a brown snake that emerged from the water at One Mile Beach, right between the flags..

Now, Edweena Singh’s photo of a brown snake enjoying the sand and water of Wallis Lake just across from the popular Memorial Drive foreshore has caused a stir on the newspaper’s Facebook page.

“It was on the middle island under the bridge where people swim to and park their boats,” Ms Singh said.

“I don’t know what type of snake it was, just that it was greyish brown.”

However, snake expert John Smith said he was pretty certain it was a brown snake.

“It’s more than likely a brown snake – it’s the only thing it could be at that size and colour,” he said.

“There is a sea snake that’s similar in colouring but it’s a bit thicker in the body.”

Mr Smith, 67, has been handling snakes since he was a teenager and working with them in the Forster area for the past 15 years.

“I can identify most snakes,” he said.

He said the breed normally does not like the water.

“They’re more of a dry country snake. That one at One Mile last month was more than likely spooked into the water.”

It had been a “good” season for snakes, particularly blacks, he said.

“We are getting a hell of a lot of those and they’re all big – lots of six-footers. It could be because of the humid weather – the hotter it is, the hungrier they are, but it’s unusual to get so many big ones like this.”


Ms Singh’s pictures got people talking and sharing their own photos of close encounters with snakes.

One that caused a huge reaction on the Great Lakes Advocate Facebook page was from Jody Bosley Cruse, who found a large diamond python on the doorstep at her Tuncurry home recently.

People were keen to know what she did.

Reader Nichole Parkes posted: “Omg how did you react when you saw this? I know I would have been having kittens because damn that’s a big one.”

Ms Cruse replied: “He wasn’t killed – my neighbour who is familiar with removing snakes came in and removed him and my hubby drove him further away to release him back in the bush.”

Sue Beere was, horrified saying simply: “I’d have to move out if I saw that anywhere near my home.”

Great Lakes Advocate

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