RSL Anzac Flame on final leg of journey

RSL Anzac Flame on final leg of journey Picture: Supplied
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TweetFacebookState Presidents, Sub Branch Presidents and representatives from RSLs across Australia, including Newcastle RSL Sub Branch President Mr Ken Fayle, joined the Camp Gallipoli Foundation on Saturday to celebrate the final leg of the RSL ANZAC Flame’s journey ahead of the historical ANZAC Centenary.

The Flame’s journey began in Albany, Western Australia, and will now travel from the Australian War Memorial to city and regional townships, who are representing Camp Gallipoli across the nation.

Victoria Cross recipients Ben Roberts-Smith VC and Daniel Keighran VC along with Director of the Australian War Memorial, Dr Brendan Nelson, attended this significant ceremony that was emceed by Ray Martin.

During the ceremony the Australian Federation Guard presented the RSL ANZAC Flame to state and regional RSL representatives who have become the custodians of the flame, ahead of Camp Gallipoli events on 24th to 25th April this year.

Victoria Cross recipient Daniel Keighran conducted the symbolic flame lighting ceremony at Albany, Western Australia in September 2014: “The flame has journeyed from Albany, the departure point of our 11,410 brave ANZACs 100 years ago.

As a soldier, this flame doesn’t just represent the sacrifice of our ANZACs, it reflects the journey of the ANZAC Spirit that was forged at Gallipoli, and is still alive today.

It will be a very special and emotional moment when the flame arrives at Camp Gallipoli events, to light the memorial cauldrons, honouring the spiritual return of our fallen soldiers.” Director of the Australian War Memorial, Dr Brendan Nelson, said he was honoured to host Camp Gallipoli on the grounds of Australia’s central place of wartime commemoration.

“One hundred years after these events that convulsed our young nation we have an opportunity and responsibility to honour them, their courage, service and sacrifice. Every nation has its story. This is ours. Camp Gallipoli is one powerful way to express our pride and gratitude.

It is fitting to host it at the Australian War Memorial.” Rear Admiral Ken Doolan, the National President of the Returned and Services League (RSL), is honoured to be involved with Camp Gallipoli:

“This bold initiative has the potential to do a great deal to educate young Australians and New Zealanders about the sacrifices our forebears made during the First World War. Those who paid the supreme sacrifice, those who fought at sea, on land and in the air and the families who supported them, have left a wondrous legacy – the freedoms and great strengths of our vibrant and enviable democracies.”

Camp Gallipoli is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all Australians and New Zealanders to come together on the 100th Anniversary of Gallipoli to sleep out under the same stars as the original ANZAC heroes did 100 years ago.

In a series of major locations around Australia and New Zealand families, schools and community groups are invited to join in a special night of remembrance, entertainment, mateship and the birth of the ANZAC Spirit.